tree virgin saints An event occurred in YALOVA is told in the book known as ACTA SANCTORUM in which there are so many sacred religious story involving Christians. According to common belief, 3 sisters whose names are Menodora, Metrodora and Nymphadora, live in Bitinia ( the territory including YALOVA). they accepted Christianity when they became young girls. They begun to engage in worship at one of the hills around the pythia thermal baths (to day this place is Yalova Thermal Hot Springs Resort).

Afterward, it believed they had healed patients those came to thermal baths by making miracles. this situation increased their prestige and made them more known .

At that time, a dark pagan Roman emperor was Galerius Maximianus ( B.C. 305-311). The emperor who had learned the situation, appointed the district Governor Fronto. The district governor offered the sisters leaving Christianity and coming back to idolatry moreover he had offered them providing to get married with noble society by sending an assessor ( Judge) . The sisters refused that offer. they stated that they were on the way of Holy Jesus and all the gifts and awards were unworthy for themselves . Assessor threatened them to torture Nymphodor stated that even though all the torture instruments all over the world came together it wouldn’t scare them and added that the death were the gate for immortal life.

Whereupon the eldest sister Menodora murdered by beating with an iron bar until the all bones had became broken and the other sister murdered by burning with the candles until all her body became jet-black.
Nymphadora murdered by beating with sticks and split in to pieces the body with iron claws At the time the assersor ordered to burn their bodies, a flame come from the sky, destroy all people those murdered the

Sisters by taking them in it. And then rain begun and extinguish the fire.
The believers buried the sisters respectly. And respect of the local people for the sisters increased. Shortly after the burial of the sister takes the form of pilgrimage.

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